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The Baseball Mentoring Programs College Recruitment Program & Combines showcases high school & junior college student-athletes to college coaches and Professional Scouts.  At VBA we work with each of our clients on a "personal" and "unlimited" basis during their duration with us.

BMP affiliates include:


Wayne Gomes, former Major Leaguer and Owner of The Virginia Baseball Academy (VBA), was the Philadelphia Phillies #1 draft pick in 1993.  Wayne played in the Major Leagues for 6 seasons with the Philadelphia Phillies San Francisco Giants and the Boston Red Sox.

Los Angeles

"Kenny Woods, is a certified personal trainer and baseball instructor. Kenny is former professional player, playing in the Philadelphia Phillies, Atlanta Braves, Chicago Cubs and San Francisco Giants organizations.

BMP International


Hensley Meulens, is a former major leaguer with 19 years of playing experience that has spanned the globe. Hensley also known as "Bam-Bam" currently runs the Dutch Antilles Baseball Academy (D.A.B.A.) with the intentions are to develop kids from the Netherlands Antilles and surrounding areas with the proper way to play the game and also help them mature into better human beings.

Each student-athlete will get their own Signature web page. Each page will provide the students athletes personal contact information, academic statistics, high school contact information, achievements and goals.

All College Recruitment Members must be evaluated by one of Baseball Mentoring Programs qualified staff members or associates. Players will be given an honest assestment of their skills. Participants will be timed in the 60 yd. dash, POP time, and velocity.  

  BMP knows the internet is one tool that College coaches and Pro Scouts can use to find the student athlete to add to their "must contact" list. They may find the "Diamond in the Rough".   Our player database is available to all schools from Division I, Division II, Division III, NAIA, Junior Colleges, and Pro Scouts.

Packages Include:

BMP will work one on one with each of our members. Our members will be given personal attention. We will make follow-up calls to schools, and guidance on which school is the best fit for our members.

At VBA we believe why Parents/Athlete should join our Program, because the ballplayer can for one, get lost in the "Big Showcase Shuffle". Not knocking the Big Showcases, but what happens if your child gets sick in route to the showcase? And/or what happens if your child performs poorly (in which anyone who has ever played baseball knows this is very possible).

One college coach was quoted as saying, "showcases can be difficult at times to evaluate talent, because of the number of players." He further said, "In reality some pretty good players may get overlooked..." 

With BMP we will help narrow your child's college choices based on their academic background and personal desires (size, location, majors, etc.). At this stage, we don't consider athletics, college is about getting an education, not just playing sports. Should your child get hurt, cut, or quit playing, we want them to be at a school they love.

Lastly, BMP will personally assist in the school of choice decision process for our members.  All the while preparing our members both mentally and emotionally for life in College.  So C'mon and join us!! Let us make your Dreams Come True!!

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BMP College Prep Packages:

6 months

1 year

**Contact us @ for more information or 757.251.6367.

*VBA wants the parents/student-athlete to know there is no guarantee their child will receive an athletic scholarship. VBA requires that the parents/Child be Proactive in the College Recruitment Process as well.VBA will keep all lines of communication open between VBA and Client. Our Customer Service is Priority number One!!

Number of College Baseball Scholarships offered...



# Scholarships

Division I 11.7
Division II 9
Division III 0

* Note: not all schools offer the limit


Maximum of 12 scholarships


Juco I -can offer full scholarships

Juco II - can only cover tuition, fees and books (no room and board

Juco III - does not offer scholarships.

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